Welcome to the BDI Designs website.

We are happy to announce that our store is open for business. We are slowly adding inventory, so some links may not have products yet. Please feel free to comment…..we learn from our visitors and shoppers on what they expect and want to see.

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  1. Mark Veit

    Eugenia and Gary have really found a niche in the fused glass world. We had the pleasure of hosting them both in Cape Coral, Florida at the AAE Glass art studio for Tanya Veit’s Extreme Glass Fusing workshops. To say they have taken the bull by the horns would be a gross understatement. Their continued hard work and patience has resulted in beautiful glass art and a thriving business that is always coming up with new concepts and ideas.
    Knowing the opportunities they have coming down the pike makes us very proud and seeing them succeed as they grow is even more gratifying.
    Keep up the great work and never stop learning. We look forward to your next trip to Florida!


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